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Have you found that the burden of a poor credit score is causing a bit of interference in your otherwise normal life? Do you wake up from a sound sleep sweating, and feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Is it causing undue stress in your life? We can fix that! You’ll have to do a lot of the heavy lifting, but we can put you on the right track, and give you the tools you need to become financially responsible once again.

The first thing we will discuss is your ability to make a plan. What sort of plan will you be able to formulate? Can you commit to that plan? The best thing you can do under your new plan after you develop it is to buy only the things that you need — no matter how strong the urge is. This means the bare necessities for your home, whether it be food, clothing, or household items.

In order to do everything possible to boost your credit score, make certain not to use every available dollar of credit on the open accounts you already have. Carry balance of no more than 50 percent of your limit so that your utilization ratio remains relatively low. If you do have card accounts with balances totaling over half of your available limit, make sure to pay those accounts down as soon as possible.

If you want to avoid giving too much to your creditor, simply refuse to pay towards unfairly huge interest rates. There are legal limits set in place to control the amount of interest a creditor is allowed to charge you, plus your original debt is all the credit card company paid when you made the purchase. Keep in mind that you did sign a contract agreeing that interest rates were acceptable. You may wish to make a legal claim that the interest rate charged exceeded your state’s statutory limits.

Another great way to improve your credit score would be to open what is known as an installment account. With this type of account you will be paying the same amount for the entire life of the loan. Managing such an account will help to improve your credit score significantly.

Credit counselors should always be researched thoroughly before being consulted for credit score improvement. You will find some counselors that truly want to help you fix your credit situation, while others may have different motives. Other options are clearly scams. Smart consumers will always check to see that credit counseling agencies are, in fact, legitimate before working with them.

Read your negative reports carefully when attempting to rebuild your credit. Even if a charge held against you is legitimate, any problems with its details, like the date or the amount owed, could make the entire entry invalid and eligible for removal.

Joining a credit union may be helpful if you want to work on improving your credit score and are finding it difficult to access new credit. They might be able to provide you with several more options at better rates than banks, since they work locally as opposed to nationally.

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