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What we should pay more attention

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What we should pay more attention

Сообщение wangkiky » 17 июл 2017, 15:53

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<p>environmentally friendly plant products, and drying will not occur after the transfer of chemical elements. 3, excellent insulation: wood wax oil and wood surface protection layer is a good insulation material. 4, antistatic: wood wax oil and wood surface formation of protective layer, no static electricity. 5, the regulation of natural humidity: because vegetable oils penetrate into the wood surface does not form a protective layer of film layer, through the pit of wood </p>
<p>moisture exchange, so as to avoid the indoor humidity is too low and cause the local wood moisture content is not uniform, so that to ensure the stability of wood. 6, breathing natural wood to breathe can not only guarantee the stability of the lumber, also made some inclusions inside the wood (scientifically identified: wood interior has a lot of beneficial to human body to slow the release of contents) to get healthy and natural environment. 7. Excellent durability: the </p>
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